Record-Breaking Sale: Championship Jordans Worn in Game Reach $8 Million


The world of sneakers is an exciting and fantastic place, just waiting to be explored. You can find a wide range of sneakers in the market, catering to various preferences and needs. There are options available for affordable everyday wear and performance, and on the other end, there are sneakers considered priceless collectibles, each telling a unique story and holding special value for everyone! Certain sneakers uplift themselves to a whole new level, particularly when accompanied by a legendary history. This holds especially true for Jordans – and not just any Jordans! Championship Jordans have a unique and cherished significance in the hearts of many passionate sneaker enthusiasts. But the set of 6 worn by his Airiness himself was sold for $8M on Sotheby’s, now that is dedication. So, let’s check out what happened in this auction!

The Dynasty Collection:

Get Ready for the fascinating auction story mentioned ahead. Hold on tight because on Friday, February 2, 2024, Sotheby's hosted a thrilling auction on its website. The star of the show? A complete set of the six pairs worn by Michael Jordan during each of his NBA Championship victories. These iconic pairs cover the years 1991 (AJ6), 1992 (AJ7), 1993 (AJ8), 1996 (AJ11), 1997 (AJ12), and 1998 (AJ14). But here's the kicker – all of these kicks bear the signature of the GOAT himself. And guess what? There's even more to this remarkable collection! Because the set also comes with a post-win photograph!


Now, all these kicks have MJ’s signature because when the Bulls won for the first time, Tim Hallam, a public relations executive for the Chicago Bulls, asked MJ for a testimonial. And he gifted him one of his own shoes. However, following that initial gesture, Jordan turned it into a tradition, consistently gifting Hallam a pair of sneakers each time they secured a championship victory. Good thing he did that in this way due to this a Dynasty Collection formed! Fast forward to the year 2024, and an anonymous buyer seized the opportunity to acquire the entire set, shelling out a staggering $8 million for this extraordinary collection.. That’s about $1.33M per shoe.

Championship Jordans Break Records, But They're Not Alone In The Spotlight!

Now, while this news is worth hype, it’s not the first time that such an auction has took place. Kanye’s Grammy-worn Air Yeezys were auctioned for $1.8 Million, and a Air Jordan 13 went for $2.2 Million! And, of course, we can't overlook that incredible moment when Sotheby's pulled out all the stops for Nike's 50th anniversary! When we say they went all out, it was a wild affair featuring some of the most exclusive and rare sneakers.

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