The Nike Calm Slide

The Nike Calm Slide

The Nike Calm Slide

Ease into summer with the Nike Calm Slide, the ideal companion for warm weather. These stylish slides are available at Tops and Bottoms, showcasing a range of vibrant colors to suit your summer vibes.

Clinch Summer Vibes With The Nike Calm Slide

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Nike slides take to a new level of style with the Calm Slide, a perfect fit for Summer 2024. These slides offer affordability that allows you to have many pairs. The Calm Slide has a straightforward design, making it versatile for various summer activities. Which includes robust traction, ample cushioning, and a comfortable footbed. The Calm Slide Nike makes sure that you get both comfort and style. The laceless design makes them easy to wear, making these slides the perfect choice for summer footwear.


In 1971, Nike transformed, adopting its current name inspired by the winged Greek goddess of victory. During the same year, the iconic Nike Swoosh was introduced. A graphic design student was pivotal in creating this world-famous logo, aiming to symbolize speed with the goddess Nike as inspiration for 35$. The inaugural appearance of the Nike Swoosh enhanced the Nike Cleat and the Nike Waffle Racer during the U.S. The U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials took place in Eugene, Oregon.

The first Nike factory was opened in 1984 in Portland, Oregon. The first Nike store opened in 1990, also situated in Portland. Nike town promoted the storytelling ability of the brand. Consumers started to know more about the athletes that endorsed them. More Nike locations will be opened soon. These Locations were placed all over the world. This strengthened Nike’s status as a global footwear retailer.

In 1996, Nike launched The site focused on storytelling. It allowed customers to learn more about the athletes used to endorse Nike. Storytelling has always been essential for Nike. The storytelling has grown more as time passes on for Nike.

The Nike website saw many positive changes in 1998 when NikeiD was launched. The ability to customize your own Nike products was like an innovation at that time. In 1999, the site fully changed from an editorial hub to an e-commerce platform.

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