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If you've got a bit of know-how about basketball, chances are Michael Jordan is a name that you must know. And if you're familiar with sneakers, Air Jordan is undoubtedly not an unknown name too! Today, we're going to blend these two seamlessly (as we rightfully should) and discuss the significant conversation. Ever wondered which Air Jordan championship shoes adorned Michael Jordan's feet as he clinched those 6 rings? Well, wonder no more because we're about to spill the details right now! And for those who want to maximize their Air Jordan expertise, we've got you covered with our all-encompassing Air Jordan guide.

Game-Changing Jordan Sneakers That Left a Lasting Imprint on Sneaker Culture!

Getting deep into Michael Jordan's championship journey, we find ourselves in an era that started sneaker history. Before the glory of championships, Jordan, as a rookie, secured a noteworthy endorsement deal. Even in seasons when the Bulls fell short, Jordan still managed to showcase some seriously stylish sneaker choices. And let's not overlook his stint with the Wizards, where he left us with lasting memories through his footwear.

1991 - The Iconic Jordan 6 Infrared

However, the spotlight today is firmly fixed on the Jordan championship shoes that made waves. Let's rewind to 1991, a landmark year marked by the iconic Jordan 6. Whether you followed the saga through "The Last Dance" or lived through those moments, the Bulls-Pistons rivalry during the late '80s was nothing short of legendary. The Bulls had been on the receiving end against the Detroit Pistons for quite some time. Fast forward to 1991, and we witnessed a bulked-up Michael Jordan, a shining Scottie Pippen, and the climax of the East Conference rivalry.

That year, the Bulls triumphed Detroit Pistons, clinching the finals and granting MJ his inaugural championship ring. And in that championship, he wore None other than the iconic Jordan 6 Infrared.


1992 – Jordan 7 Raptors

Following their 1991 victory, the Chicago Bulls returned with even greater achievement in 1992, marking a year that could be considered the pinnacle of Michael Jordan's GOAT status. Securing his second ring with the Bulls was a remarkable achievement itself, but Jordan's greatness didn't stop there. He played a pivotal role in the Dream Team that clinched the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Throughout this remarkable year, Jordan consistently sported the Jordan 7, reserving the Raptors colorway specifically for the NBA finals.


1993 – Jordan 8 Playoffs

Achieving the first three-peat marked a triumphant moment for Jordan and the Bulls, consolidating their status in the basketball world. Joining the exclusive club of teams with a three-peat – alongside the Minneapolis Lakers, Boston Celtics, and LA Lakers –marked a historic achievement. Interestingly, Although Michael Jordan played with Jordan 8 in the Playoffs during the third championship victory, Still the sneakers failed to gain widespread popularity. Some consider it happened due to the chunkier design of this edition as compared to the previous editions, or perhaps because MJ never again wore them.


1996: Timeless Elegance of the Jordan 11 Bred Sneakers

Following his third ring, Michael Jordan initially retired, but to everyone's surprise, he made a comeback again less than two years later. The Bulls had to wait until 1996 to clinch another championship, and during that remarkable season, Jordan wore up the iconic AJ11. These were his personal favorites.

There's an undeniable charm to the AJ11s that captivate enthusiasts, and perhaps its attraction can be attributed to its association with a certain Bugs Bunny and the Space Jam movie.


1997 – Jordan 12 Taxi

This particular season gifted us with a legendary moment that shall remain in history forever: the flu game. Even amidst a scorching fever, MJ managed to showcase an unforgettable performance. His determination was so intense that Scottie Pippen had to assist him off the court! This iconic event is the origin story of the black and red Jordan 12. Interestingly, when the Bulls secured their 5th championship, Jordan sported the black and white Taxi colorway – a noteworthy exception as it deviated from the usual black and red theme.


1998 – Jordan 14 Last Shot

Back in 1998, there was a sense of vengeance driving Phil Jackson and the Bulls, recognizing that it could be their last year together. Behind the scenes, a management battle unfolded, resulting in both Phil Knight and MJ choosing not to renew their contracts. Despite the backstage drama, the Bulls were putting on an outstanding performance that deserved a standing ovation.

When it came to Jordan's last shot during the finals, it felt apt to name the kicks accordingly. Interestingly, the Jordan 14 Last Shot was still in its prototype stage at that time. MJ enabled with the silhouette, opted to wear the 14s instead of the 13s during Game 3. All of this unfolded in 1998, but the kicks didn't hit the shelves until 1999, leaving sneakerheads in a state of eager anticipation!


Why Familiarizing Yourself with This Information is Important for You?

Although the Jordan championship shoes concluded with that last edition, MJ made a comeback from retirement in 2001. It was evident that he favored some of his beloved older sneaker designs, yet he also embraced the newly released ones. The experience carries a nostalgic touch, and remarkably, enthusiasts can still acquire a pair of these iconic sneakers today. However, the challenge lies in either patiently awaiting a retro release or braving the high resale prices.

The reason behind sharing this insight is that whenever a retro or a similar release hits the market, it signals an opportunity for profit. Whether a pair is lucrative or simply aesthetically pleasing, it becomes a must-have. This situation often calls for the use of a sneaker bot, proxies, and the best available server to secure one or more pairs. If this venture proves to be a lucrative side hustle, then congratulations! Even if the resale value isn't sky-high, these sneakers still make for a valuable addition to your collection. Best of luck in your sneaker endeavors!

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