Brief Intro:

Passion is required to achieve your aim in life. The same goes true for the Founder and Creative Director of JACK1T™, James Holder (cofounder of Superdry). His vision towards creativity in fashion besides a mission to narrow the gap between luxury, accessibility, and sustainability, guides us towards JACK1T™. 

JACK1T™ started in the year 2019, intending to have its roots grounded firmly offering boldly branded premium down jackets collection for men and women. It has an extensive and high-quality hooded coat, puffer jackets, winter, and gilets, keeping you warm and charming in the Holiday/Winter Season 21-22.

Brand Basics:

JACK1T works on exclusivity and uniqueness as their product range considers manufacturing down, leather jackets & wool-rich pea coats in small numbers.

The coats are expensive but worth the price and value you get in return. JACK1T coats and Jackets are made with faux fur (not real fur). They are crafted with nylon shells and filled with down, protecting against the wind and cold, giving ultimate warmth and comfort in the chilly winter season. It comes good in the snowy season as well. 

JACK1T: From Customer's Perspective:

According to a critique and one of the customers of JACK1T "The Parka I bought from JACK1T gives me protection from wind and snow. Its large faux fur is fantastic covering my head and face easily. It doesn't blow away in wind either, keeping right on my head, as its zipper goes high. It is comfortable wearing inside and gives extreme warmth going outside. I give full marks almost 100% to this Parka Coats concerning quality and is in love with it".

E-Shop JACK1T:

Tops and Bottoms have got the premium collection of JACK1T in retail space--- online and in stores. Customers now can get men's and women's hooded Puffer jackets ensuring premium quality at a competitive market price in the US.

JACK1T Men's Collection:

Tops and Bottoms have got the much-awaited Puffer Jackets in Racer Down and Slick Down hooded style. One of the better choices in Holiday /Winter Season 2022 can be JACK1T Men's Primetime Race Down Hooded Puffer Jacket. 

JACK1T Women's Collection:

Tops and Bottoms just care for the Women who believe in the power of Puffer Jackets from JACK1T. The collection includes JACK1T Women's Prime Slick Down Hooded Puffer Jacket in colors of pearl white gold, black, cherry red, navy in contrasting hooded color fitting your style and persona in winter season like "Lovely nightingale singing in soft and melodious voice in cold winter nights".

JACK1T: Quality and Construction:

JACK1T utilizes mainly 84% polyester and 16% cotton shell to make superior quality Puffer/Parkas jackets and Coats. The height just sits at the thigh-length providing inside-out support for cold winds, snowy weather, and chilly nights.

JACK1T: Finer Details

Want to know some of the specs or say finer details of JACK1T Puffer/Parka Coats and Jackets. Here you go. Each item has down-filled faux fur with a detachable hood and fur alongside a storm flap over the double center front zippers. 

The further better qualities of JACK1T comprises tricolor sleeve webbing tape, interior waist drawcord, heavy-duty ribbed cuffs, four front pockets, 2-way zips, branded placket tape, sleeve pocket, hood and hem adjusters, internal pocket, detachable utility clips.

How to Preserve Your Jacket for Long-Lasting Durability:

To protect your coat, jackets from unwarranted harm, keep them away from any kind of brushing (for cleaning or otherwise) as they will easily be torn. It can be ripped off easily if you misuse it and wear it roughly.

JACK1T Approach in New Year 2022:

Innovation in design, sustainability in the fabric structure, and durability are the major themes, JACK1T will follow in the much-awaited New Year 2022. At JACK1T, the future collection will be based on sustainability enhancements, like introducing recycled down fills, zips, and fabrics. JACK1T will try to expand on those features delivering high quality with unsurpassable designs. It wants you to look aesthetically appealing and genuinely at comfort.