Cole Haan



Brief Overview:

Cole Haan is a known American brand of footwear and accessories, founded in Chicago and operating since 1928. The Spring and Fall 2009 advertising campaign took famous tennis star Maria Sharapova for marketing and promotions. 


Moreover, the brand collaborated with designer Todd Synder (CFDA-Council of Fashion Designers of America -nominated) for the men's footwear capsule collection as well as three dancers of New York City Ballet: Sara Ann Mearns, Megan Fairchild, and Gretchen Smith, for the design collection of women's ballet flats.


E-Shop Cole Haan:

Tops and Bottoms USA is one of the international distribution partners of the American brand Cole Haan; nevertheless, the products of Cole Haan, relating to footwear and accessories, are sold worldwide. Cole Haan has a range of collections for US consumers for their favorite boots, classic, lifestyle, and running shoes. Cole Haan sneakers fits nicely in the toes of every household, wanting something extraordinary in fashion, style, and comfort.


Sneakers/Boots for the Fall/Winter Season:

Cole Haan Sneakers has its roots in Chicago and is known around the world as the ultimate footwear company with unforgettable styles and design. The color variation also goes with the material Cole Haan utilizes to craft its footwear. A brand dominates when it offers seasonal clothing for consumers looking for the best pair of boots in Fall/Winter 2021. The best part of the Fall season is the fashion outfits it presents in footwear, particularly boots, which any household in the US should never miss. Cole Haan is a one-of-a-kind brand in footwear for men where you find the class with comfort. The brand line includes a collection of Cole Haan Men's Zero Grand Chukka in shining British Tan Ivory Color with size specifications giving your personality a perfect boost in the current and upcoming seasons in the US. Another Cole Haan branded footwear that deserves to be mentioned is Men’s Zero Grand Chukka in black color allows the forward-looking male to have every bit of their choice in fashion attire.


Classic Footwear for Casual Parties:

For casual birthday parties and outings with friends and family, you need a good pair of shoes/sneakers to outclass and outlasts in style and dressing. Your style statement carries excellent value for you, and your uplift in footwear will take you places. Cole Haan brand line in classic shoes includes Men's Grand Crosscourt Modern in pure white with two different styles is much to talk about for elegance. Your inner feeling will take you to the highest level of comfort, luxury casual, and easy-on-wear.


Lifestyle Pair of Footwear for You:

Everyone has his lifestyle and way of living. Some individuals are street smart, while others are formal and reserved. Similarly, some follow fashion as it is while others don't have a taste of that. I am sure you belong to the former lot. Considering your fashion-centric approach towards life, you have many footwear options to choose from: Cole Haan branded lifestyle footwear collection includes the same line of wear discussed above in classic Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt Modern footwear for men. Still, to get the maximum in daily life or casual office wear and outdoor activities relating to the business/job. 


Running All Around US!

Now, good news comes across you in the form of footwear which elevates you to run all around the US. Jokes apart! You can achieve a level of endurance and passion by choosing a good pair of shoes/sneakers for your desire to win all championships in life and careers.


Cole Haan sneakers for running includes a collection of Men's Original Grand Nubuck Wingtip Oxford in magnet nubuck color and Men's Zero Grand Wingtip Oxford in color shades of navy blue and black. The shoes will entirely change your demeanor and look towards your aspirations in outdoor casuals and semi formals. Besides that, Cole Haan Men's Zero Grand Lined Wingtip Oxford in the color scheme of marine blue, black, CH pinot dove grey will create your dimension in footwear fashion style like never before.


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