INIMIGO X Tops and Bottoms USA

INIMIGO X Tops and Bottoms USA

This brand's name (INIMIGO) comes from the Portuguese word for "enemy." "No Enemies No Character," their motto, means that standing up for what's right can sometimes make people angry. Because they only have the best products from around the world and a certain style of craftsmanship. They also add some unique and extra touches to make the things stand out when they're done. By making their goods in unique ways, INIMIGO shows their customers how to be sure of themselves and stand out from the crowd. And they want to improve the lives of both the people who buy their clothes and the people who started the business.
Since 2017, Tops and Bottoms USA has been happy to work with INIMIGO. This has made it one of the most popular brands in our store and on our website.

Quality & Materials Used By Inimigo

INIMIGO works very hard to find the best raw materials in the world. Luxury fleece and 100% Supima Cotton are just two of the fabrics that are carefully picked out by hand to make sure they are of the best quality and comfort.

Inimigo’s Premium Offered Products


There is a fashionable and soft fleece hoodie with a heart design that goes with any outfit. It's called the Inimigo Men's Classic Heart Fleece Pullover Hoodie, and it will keep you warm. You can wear this hoodie anywhere, whether you're having a good time or going out. The whole thing is made of Supima cotton, which makes it very good. The Men's Inimigo Stripe Sweatshirt is also made of high-quality materials and is perfectly crafted to fit in. The design of the stripes really makes it stand out.


There are Pants as well as trousers that have a slim fit that make the body look balanced, and the bent details make them more fun to touch. Because they are made of high-quality denim, these trousers will keep you cool and dry. The Ribbed Light Blue Slim Denim Pants from Inimigo look sleek and on track.

Designs and Innovation

INIMIGO gets ideas for their designs from many places, like native cultures and safari patterns, so each one is bright, bold, and one of a kind. For instance, the Tribal Blind Love design uses both digital printing and small embroidery details to make a piece that is both visually pleasing and culturally appropriate.

Unique Styles

Clothing Items like the Men's Classic Short Sleeves T-Shirt and the Men's Inimigo Stripe Sweatshirt is not a copy of items from other fashion names. INIMIGO instead makes its own patterns. Because each INIMIGO item of clothing has its own shape and style, they each give your closet a little something extra.

Trendsetting Styles

In the INIMIGO collection, there are a lot of styles that set trends instead of just copying them. Every new item of clothing you buy gives your room something fresh and stylish. These hoodies are popular because they keep people warm and are soft, which makes them look better. Supima cotton, which is soft and lasts a long time, is used to make the Rainbow Polo Shirt. It's the best cloth for warm things. People who like classy clothes will love the Men's Silk Button Down Shirt. The silk feels soft and rich against the skin.

Customers Experience

Tops & Bottom USA is a quick and easy place to shop. It's easy to use our website, and the product pictures and text make it easy to choose what to buy. You can look at our goods at your own pace when you visit our store or visit our website. No one will bother you. We have customer service reps ready to help you if you need help with an order, have questions about sizes, or just want to say something.

Final Say

Inmigo is a cool clothing brand with some really cool clothes. The fact that their motto is "No Enemies, No Character" shows how much they value being unique and sure of themselves. They use nice fabrics like Supima cotton and silk to make their clothes stand out. Also, we promise that every time you buy something from Tops and Bottoms USA, you will get great customer service and items that are 100% real.


In what ways does INIMIGO's motto, "No Enemies, No Character," become part of its brand?

Its motto shows that INIMIGO is ready to fight for what's right, even if it means going up against the odds. The brand encourages people to be proud of what makes them special and gives them confidence, which builds character and authenticity.

What does INIMIGO use to make its clothes?

To make sure their clothes are of the highest quality and most comfortable, INIMIGO uses materials from all over the world, like 100% Supima Cotton and fine fleece.

In terms of style and new ideas, what makes INIMIGO different from other clothing brands?

INIMIGO gets ideas from many places and uses them to make bright, bold designs that represent individuality. Each piece tells a different story thanks to new techniques like digital printing and needlework. This makes INIMIGO stand out as a fashion trend-setter.

When I shop for INIMIGO goods at Tops & Bottoms USA what kind of customer service can I expect?

This store makes shopping quick and easy, whether you're in or out. The website is easy to use and has clear pictures and details of the products to help you decide what to buy.

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