Bally X Tops and Bottoms USA

Bally X Tops and Bottoms USA

Bally was started way back in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally, from a family ribbon factory in Schonenwerd, Bally grew into a pioneering global brand by the 19th century. Industrializing processes in 1854 and expanding stores from Montevideo (1870) to Paris (1879), Bally flourished. Iconic shoes like the men's formal Scribe, crafted by Max Bally for the brand's 100th anniversary in 1951, are still handmade in Switzerland, employing 240 artisanal techniques.

Bally is always in constant search to innovate their products which are both trendy and convenient. Reindeer boots worn by Tenzing Norgay and technical Curling shoes for the Swiss Olympic team were some of Bally’s innovations. They have gone beyond the limits in designing and enhancing possibilities through AI and 3-D prototyping.

Tops and Bottoms USA collaborated with Bally back in 2015. Bally is one of the leading brands on our website and we are proud retailers of it.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The Bally’s team pick the materials very carefully, thinking about how comfy, strong, and stylish they are. They choose materials like techno cotton to feel really soft, light cotton to help you stay cool, and cool embossed leather. They pick these so you feel comfy and happy wearing them.

Range of Bally's Premium Products


The Men's B Chain Polo Shirt is a comfortable treat for yourself! Because it's constructed of lightweight cotton, you'll stay cool and comfortable all day. It features three buttons at the front, short sleeves, and a traditional collar. It's also suitable for any event and simple to maintain.


Also don't miss out on the Men's Cotton Logo Tracksuit! It's made from techno cotton with stripes and is mostly cotton, which feels really nice. It also got a bit of nylon to make it tough. The front zip makes it easy to put on, and the pants have stripes and a drawstring waist for extra comfort.


Introducing the Men's Leather Sneaker from the Bally Lift collection! Because of their unique lightweight sole, these trainers are ideal for all day comfort. They have a stylish design in black embossed leather, with a rubber sole and lace-up fastening to keep your feet comfy and secure. They are stylish and environmentally sustainable with to their rubber Bally Stripe design and 100% recycled mesh lining. Finished with a rear Bally Stripe plaque, these sneakers show off Bally's top-notch craftsmanship.


Get ready to stay stylish with the Men's Baseball Cap, perfect for sports lovers like you! Because of its six panel construction, it fits perfectly every time you wear it. After that we have bally’s accessories section just to raise your style, with Bally's Men's Synthetic Reversible Belt which is constructed from durable synthetic materials and is incredibly useful and adaptable. Additionally, it comes in two distinct colours, so you can change up your appearance whenever you please!

Unique Selling Features

Design: Bally is famous for its designs also that mixes style perfectly. Each thing is made with expert skill to give off a really clean and stylish vibe.

Comfort: Comfort is a big deal in any Bally product. They are well known for their vibrant patterns and incredibly soft interiors, which never fail to make you feel comfortable, even at the expense of a little bit of style or quality.

Durability: Bally also do care about making things durable. Their products are built to stick around for a long time, thanks to tough materials and really good stitching used in their products.

Where to Purchase Bally?

You can get Bally stuff at Tops and Bottoms USA, Bally’s proud authorized retailers! Visit our physical stores or our website to see the amazing selection of Bally products we have. Get ready to feel fancy and stylish like never before!


Bally has been a big deal in fancy fashion since way back in 1851 when it started as a small family business making ribbons. It has now spread to retail locations across the globe. With the styles like the men's formal Scribe shoes, they're still making waves in the fashion industry and continuing a legacy of excellent craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years.


What inspired the founding of Bally in 1851?

Bally was established with a vision to create top quality goods and has since grown into a renowned global brand.

What sets Bally apart from other brands?

Bally stands out for because of it’s focus on comfort, durability, and style in every product.

Where can I purchase Bally products?

You can find Bally products at Tops and Bottoms USA, one of their esteemed retailers, either online or in physical stores.

How are Bally products priced?

Bally products are competitively priced to offer outstanding value to clients, despite their high quality and craftsmanship.

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