Women's Nike Shorts



Women's Nike Shorts:

Are you excited to get ready for all your fun activities? Check out the cool shorts for ladies from Nike at Tops and Bottoms USA! When you're picking out clothes for being active, try Nike Women's Shorts. You'll find all the things you need to look awesome and ready to play. Get a new pair of Women's Nike Shorts, and you'll have an outfit that's perfect for Athletic Gym, Running & Workout Shorts. Mix them with Nike shirts and shoes, and you'll look super stylish and ready to go anywhere!Top of Form


Nike Shorts Women:

Nike has lots of different types of shorts for women, ensuring that you find exactly the type of Nike Shorts for Women you need for whatever you want to do.

Women's Nike Attack Dri-Fit Shorts

These are special shorts for active ladies called Dri-FIT Fitness Mid-Rise 5" Unlined Shorts. They're made to help you feel comfortable all day long. The fabric is soft and helps keep sweat away, so you stay dry and comfy. These shorts are loose-fitting and have vents at the sides, so you can move easily while doing your activities. You can even adjust how they fit with the foldover waistband. Plus, they have pockets on the sides where you can quickly put your keys, phone, or cards.

Women's Sportswear Air Bike Shorts

Hop on your bike and feel like you're flying with the NSW Air Bike Shorts! These shorts are made to give you support and style while you ride. They're super comfy, just like your favorite Nike leggings, but they won't make you feel too hot.

Women's Nike One Luxe Icon Clash Bike Shorts

Most importantly, you need clothes that move with you during your workouts. These super comfy bike shorts feel like a second skin. They're made from soft fabric that's not see-through, so you can feel confident during any activity, whether you're working out or just going about your day. Plus, they're made with at least half recycled materials, so they're good for the environment too.

The Nike Swoosh: the Swoosh logo is simple but powerful. The Icon Clash collection, it's all about that empowering '90s vibe.

Nike One Luxe: The Nike One Luxe line takes comfort to a whole new level with its incredibly soft, smooth fabric.

Stay Dry: These shorts are made with stretchy fabric and Dri-FIT technology, which moves sweat away from your skin, helping you stay dry and comfy even during intense workouts.

Confidence Boost: The fabric is not see-through, so it passes the squat test with flying colors, keeping you covered and confident. The sides are seamless, and the waistband is shaped to give you a smooth silhouette.

Women’s Nike shorts will make you feel awesome all day long! Get ready to take your look to whole new heights with Tops and Bottoms USA!