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Converse has been rocking the cool casual vibe for more than five decades now. Converse shoes their kicks have been the go-to choose for men, women, and kids to show off their unique style. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are the OGs that have been keeping it real since the 1920s basketball days. Whether you're hitting the court or strolling down the street, Men’s Converse is all about timeless self-expression and effortlessly cool fashion.

At Tops and Bottoms USA, we've got the whole Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker lineup – from the timeless classics to the latest moves like the Chuck Taylor All-Star Move platform. It doesn't matter what kind of casual cool you're after; we've got that for you. Converse High tops, Converse low tops, or the trendy Chuck Taylor All-Star Move platform, we cater to all tastes in the cool and casual department. Classic canvas colors are always in, and you can't go wrong with the must-have White Platform Converse.

And if you're looking to upgrade your style game, check out the Converse Run Star Hike. It adds that platform sole to the classic Converse All Star, giving it a modern twist. The Converse Run Star Hike Platform logo stands out on the sides, and you'll spot the cool Converse branding on the tongue and heel. Another stylish option is the Converse Run Star Motion – perfect for those seeking modern and chic sneakers that's in line with today's fashion trends.


Converse Shoes, Chuck Taylor All Star from High Tops to Low Tops

At Tops and Bottoms USA, we offer a wide selection of Converse sneakers for men, women, and kids. From the classic Chuck Taylor All Star to limited edition collaborations, we have something for everyone. Our online store makes it easy to shop for your favorite Converse without leaving the comfort of your home. Chuck Taylor Converse from high tops to low tops we also have a size guide to ensure a perfect fit for your Converse sneakers.

Converse High Tops Shoes

The high-top canvas shoe is a true Converse classic, an original style so iconic that its basic silhouette has stood the test of time. While the shape remains timeless, the trivia lies in exploring various textures and designs.

Converse Low Tops Shoes

The low-top, a later addition to the Converse lineup in the '50s, quickly captured hearts just like its high-top counterpart. This more casual style soon gained the same level of admiration as the originals.


Boost Your Look with Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Lift Platform and More!

Converse ​Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform have evolved beyond simple footwear, catering to various personal styles with options like Converse platform sneakers and the chunky aesthetic of Platform Converse sneakers. Our extensive ​Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform collection consists of high tops to low tops, ensuring you're ready for every season. Whether you prefer the timeless black Converse to white Converse, or any variation in between, you'll find a complete range of Men’s Converse, and Converse shoes for women, and kids. Stay tuned for the adorable addition of Cutest Baby Converse to our collection. You can discover the perfect pair for every occasion with Tops and Bottoms. Whether it's the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Move platform or classic Converse high-tops, low-tops.

For a modern take on classic sneaker styles, consider exploring options like the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, Kids’ Converse, and toddler Converse, or discover fresh colors of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. Tops and Bottoms USA has an exclusive range for kids' Converse, ensuring little ones have a variety of vibrant prints and favorite colors to express their unique interests. Keep an eye out for the latest Converse Run Star Legacy CX models going to come very soon.

Does Converse run big or small?

While some customers have noted that Converse shoes may run half a size larger, it's important to keep in mind that the size depends upon everyone. We recommend checking the shoe size chart, reading customer reviews, or you can visit a local Tops and Bottoms USA official store, where you can measure your feet accordingly for accurate sizing.

Where to buy Converse near me?

Converse shoes can be purchased online from Tops and Bottoms or can be purchased inside one of our retail store locations across Chicago. We also offer Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store services for same-day shoes! You can also check out our store locations on our website.

Are Converse nonslip?

Although! Converse shoes are not specifically designed as non-slip shoes, but many individuals find their grip suitable for everyday use. If you are specifically looking for slip-free footwear, Tops and Bottoms offers multiple range non-slip shoes that are designed to provide enhanced grip and stability, ensuring safety in various environments.

How to lace Converse?

Lacing Converse can be done in multiple methods, from the standard crisscross method to more unique styles. You can follow the following methods to tie your laces in the crisscross method.

  1. Start by tying up the laces straight across the bottom, going inside and out through the bottom loop, closest to your toe.
  2. Take the left end of the lace and thread it straight up on the inside, then pass it through the next higher loop on the left.
  3. Now, take the right end of the lace, cross it over the tongue, and pass it through the second loop on the left.
  4. The same right end of the lace goes straight up on the inside, then through the next higher eyelet on the right.
  5. The left end crosses over and goes through the third loop on the right.
  6. Continue this pattern of crossing over and going straight up until all the loops are laced.
  7. Remember to always adjust along the way.