New Balance X Tops and Bottoms USA

New Balance X Tops and Bottoms USA

A man named William J. Riley from England moved to Boston, Massachusetts. He started a company called New Balance Athletics, but people usually just call it New Balance. At first, they sold special supports for feet called arch supports all along the East Coast.

In the 1930s, William got some help from a salesman named Arthur Hall. They discovered that these shoes were a hit amongst people who stood for long periods of time, like policemen and firefighters. The company didn't change much until 1960 when they made their first running shoe called the Trackster. The brand’s first running shoe marked a turning point for the company with its innovative ripple sole making waves in the track scene. But it wasn't until the 1970s that New Balance became super famous all over the world for their shoes and clothes. They have been making awesome shoes ever since!

Tops and Bottoms USA has been an official retailer of New Balance, You can find all New Balance Shoes at the official website and physical stores of Tops and Bottoms USA.

New Balance Shoes: Perfect for Any Feet!

While most shoe companies only make shoes in a few sizes, New Balance makes them in lots and lots of sizes and widths. Since the beginning, New Balance has been really good at making shoes that fit everyone's feet just right.

New Balance Shoes

Top Notch Quality

New Balance sneakers have always been about top-notch quality ever since they started more than 100 years ago. They pick the best materials like suede, nubuck, leather, and mesh for each shoe, and they're made in New Balance factories all around the world, like in the United States and the United Kingdom. These beauty of these shoes lies in a fair way in which these are made. That means the people who make them are treated well and paid fairly.

Since the 1970s, people who love sneakers have noticed this and they choose New Balance when they want shoes that are tough and last a long time. Today, some of the most popular New Balance shoes are the 999, 574, and 990. New Balance adds special technologies like ABZORB, ENCAP, and Fresh Foam to their shoes, which make them super relaxing. These shoes are loved by people who wear them casually and by serious collectors too!

Before the year 2000, New Balance became really popular in England, and their shoes started flying off the shelves. New Balance is still highly popular in England, and it's deeply intertwined into their shoe culture.

New Balance shoes have mesh upper with suede overlays, which means they are made of breathable fabric with some cool suede patches. The midsole has two different layers for extra cushioning called ABZORB and SBS. The logo on the tongue is inspired by the original 991 lace jewel, giving it a classic touch. There's a see-through CR device at the heel, adding a futuristic look. Plus, the bottom of the shoe has a diamond pattern on the outsole, inspired by a classic design called the 860. It's made of suede and mesh, comes with laces, and the color is called Sea Salt, which sounds really cool!

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