New Era 59Fifty Hats



New Era 59Fifty Hats

Upgrade your headwear game with the iconic New Era 59FIFTY Hats, a symbol of unparalleled excellence in headwear fashion! Known as 5950 hats, these fitted caps have gone beyond the origins of their sport to become a cultural sensation, representing style, authenticity, and self-expression.

The name "59FIFTY" pays tribute to the hats' humble beginnings, tracing back to their initial cost of just 59 cents. Unlike the adjustable baseball caps of the past, 59FIFTY Hats boast a structured build and fitted design. Featuring a stiff, full crown and a flat, uncurved brim.

New Era NBA, NFL, MBA 59Fifty Hats

Step into the legacy of sports history with NFL 59Fifty Hats, a collaboration that has carved 59Fifty Hats into the records of athletic greatness. The official on-field MLB 59Fifty Hats for MLB teams proudly showcase the profound impact these hats have had on the very culture of baseball. But the success story doesn't stop at the diamond; it extends its influence to the NFL and NBA, leaving an incredible mark with the massive impact of NBA 59FIFTY Hats.


From the baseball field to the football pitch and basketball court, 59FIFTY Hats have redefined the elegance of athletic headwear. With decades of serving as the official on-field cap for MLB, New Era's exclusivity has reached new heights through partnerships with the nation's largest sports leagues. In a historic feat, New Era secured the title of the official cap of the NFL in 2012 and proudly assumed the role of the official on-court cap for the NBA in 2016.

The journey of 59FIFTY Hats from the baseball field to the iconic stages of the NFL and NBA stands as undeniable evidence of their everlasting legacy and widespread appeal. More than just symbols of team style, these hats embody a cultural phenomenon that resonates with sports enthusiasts nationwide. Seize the legacy, celebrate the journey, and wear a piece of sports history with pride – 59FIFTY Hats accessories are iconic expressions of passion and emotion for the game. Join the legacy; get your piece now!

New Era 59Fifty

Indulge in the pinnacle of headwear excellence with Tops and Bottoms' exclusive offer on New Era 59FIFTY Hats! Beyond the world of sports, these fitted hats have become a symbol of fashion and self-expression. Endorsed by celebrities, musicians, and streetwear enthusiasts for their clean and timeless design, Tops and Bottoms is your trusted source for 100% authentic 59FIFTY Hats.

The commitment to quality by New Era is evident in the construction of 59FIFTY Hats. While certain elements have stood the test of time, like the initial use of 100% wool in the '90s, today's hats boast cutting-edge features. From sweat-wicking and UV sun protection to enhanced comfort with premium materials like wool and polyester blends, witness the evolution that reflects New Era's dedication to both performance and style.


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