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For a comprehensive and stylish sportswear wardrobe, Tops and Bottoms highly recommend exploring the diverse range of Adidas, including the Adidas SST Tracksuit, and Adidas Tiro Pants. These pieces reflect the perfect comfort, functionality, and contemporary design, making them essential additions to any wardrobe. Upgrade your athletic style with the iconic Adidas Firebird Track Jacket, known for its retro-inspired aesthetic and the signature three stripes, creating a timeless and fashionable statement. Adidas Track Jackets and Adidas Originals Track Jackets, Adidas Originals SST Tracksuit, further expand your options, offering a variety of styles, colors, and patterns suitable for every taste. Complete your ensemble with Adidas Jackets, Adidas Hoodies, Adidas Sweatshirts, and Adidas T-Shirts, available for Men, Women and Kids, providing a wide range of choices for the whole family to express your individuality. The Adidas Track Suits and Adidas Track Pants round out this extensive collection.

Who is the founder of Adidas?

Adolf "Adi" Dassler founded Adidas in Germany on August 18th, 1949.

Do Adidas run big or small?

Adidas shoes are most often true to size, but sometimes it depends. You can also check customer reviews or you can also visit the official store of Tops and Bottoms to try the shoes and also measure your feet if you want to check which size is the most suitable for you.

Why there are three stripes on Adidas shoes?

Interestingly, the three stripes on Adidas do not have any trivia or facts behind it looks as if Dassler tested various logos and he must have thought that these three Stripes look best in photos and could help in establishing a new brand.

What is the story behind the Adidas logo?

The Adidas Logo featuring 3 Stripes was purchased from Finnish Sports company Karhu back in 1951.