Nike 101 Nicknames & Terminology

Nike 101 Nicknames & Terminology

For years, Nike has gained a dedicated fan following over the years who express their passion for the brand in various ways, both online and offline. Amid such enthusiasm, it's common for shorthand and slang to emerge as a means of quickly conveying ideas and encouraging a sense of friendship among fans. This shorthand often includes abbreviations, nicknames, and trendy terms that add to the overall vibe of the Nike community.

Terms, Abbreviations & Verbiage

Nike enthusiasts often use a variety of terms and abbreviations that may not be immediately understandable to those who aren't deeply invested in the world of The Swoosh. Here are some Nike Nicknames & Terminology you must be familiar with:


"OG" stands as a most used term within the Nike and sneaker communities, frequently employed to signify "Original" or, in another sense, "Original Gangster." When Nike reintroduces OG models of a shoe, it signifies a reissue of the original design.


"Retro" is another commonly used term in the sneaker world This term is associated with the concept of "OG" and refers to a previously released sneaker that makes a comeback and once again gets available for purchase.


The term "General Release" in the sneaker world is commonly abbreviated to "GR." General Release sneakers is usually easy to get as it is manufactured in huge quantities and opposite to that non-general sneakers are much more difficult to get.


"QS" stands for "Quickstrike," a term used in the sneaker community to indicate sneakers that are released in extremely limited quantities. Quickstrike releases are the exact opposite of General Release sneakers, Sneaker lover must act fast to secure a pair of Quickstrike sneakers.


"PE" is short for "Player Edition," which refers to shoes made specifically for an athlete. These shoes are constructed according to the needs and preferences of basketball players, footballers, or other athletes, Obtaining PE shoes can be challenging for fans, as they are not made immediately available to the general public. However, on occasion, some PE models may eventually be released for public purchase.


"SMU," which stands for "Special Make Up," refers to a type of sneaker that is crafted for a specific purpose, store, region, or event. These shoes, often referred to as SMU sneakers, are exclusive and not commonly found in regular retail outlets.


SB stands for "Skateboard." when it comes to footwear from Swoosh Brand Nike has a renowned line of sneakers specifically crafted to meet the needs of skateboarders, known as Nike SB. Nike SB is designed for skateboarders as per both functionality and style.

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