The History of the Adidas Gazelle

The History of the Adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle originated as a performance-driven training shoe turning into something that worked as a style icon. Its roots trace back to the 1960s when Adidas crafted leather shoes. Its everlasting popularity and significance to both sneaker enthusiasts and the Adidas brand have cemented its place as a timeless classic.

Built For Performance

Adidas has prioritized style along with performance, a strategy that has taken the company forward. Adidas took inspiration from their leather shoe designs of that era to give rise to the iconic Adidas Gazelle Bold Shoes in 1966, marking a pivotal moment in the shoe's history. The incorporation of suede into the design of the Adidas Gazelle set it apart, giving it a distinctive edge. Its versatility allowed for vibrant and fresh colorways, contributing to its popularity as a training shoe during the 1960s and 1970s. Quickly gaining traction, the appeal of Adidas Gazelle Shoes transcended borders, capturing international attention and acclaim.


Originals Gazelle Bold Shoes



The Gazelle is still being worn today as a mark of fashion. It is the canvas for high-profile collaborations and is consistently being redesigned as per the requirements and is also available in its OG Form.

The Historical Events of ADIDAS

The Adidas brand has a long rich history in sports because of mixing its legacy with the world of athletics and due to the ever-growing obsession of sneaker culture. Adidas has been a dominant player in the sportswear industry since its establishment in 1949 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler. Starting with football, the brand's early days laid the foundation for a course that would take it miles ahead of everyone in the sneaker industry over the past 70 years. Adidas's everlasting connection with athletes and the field of play has established its reputation and also pushed it to a global stage

History Of The Three Stripes

Popularly known as "The Three Stripes Brand"  The Three Stripes of Adidas still hold a unique place. Few brands in the footwear industry, or in all of the business, have had the same impact as of Adidas. Gazelle has made a huge impact that goes well beyond its origins, leaving a remarkable legacy on basketball and global pop culture alike. Adidas has shaped partnerships with multiple notable celebrities which including James Harden, Damian Lillard, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Pharrell, and many other influential figures.

Tops and Bottoms USA x Adidas

Tops and Bottoms USA has been in collaboration with Adidas since 1997 and is an authorized retailer of Adidas. Classic styles like the Adidas Forum, Stan Smith, and Superstar are top sellers in the sneaker community and at the Tops and Bottoms USA marketplace. Currently, one of the reasons behind the immense popularity of the Three Stripes Brand is its partnership with Kanye West and his Yeezy label. Yeezy sneakers have become one of the hottest and most in-demand products. The release of Yeezy products is like a festival at Tops and Bottoms USA stores and on The Originals Adidas Gazelle Bold Shoes, and Originals Samba and Campus have also gained immense popularity recently. The Tops and Bottoms USA & Adidas relationship has been an integral part of Tops and Bottoms USA’s growth over the years, and it will continue to play an important part in our future.

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