Nike X Tops and Bottoms USA

Nike X Tops and Bottoms USA

Nike started its operations way back in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, It opened its first physical store in 1966 and then went through a name change in 1971 to its present name “Nike” inspired by the Greek goddess of victory.

Nike offers a diverse range of footwear to suit every style and occasion. From sturdy Nike boots that keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather to comfortable Nike slides perfect for lounging or poolside relaxation, there's something for everyone. The iconic Nike Air Max provides unparalleled comfort with its cushioned soles and trendy designs, while Nike Dunk shoes offer a classic high-top style suitable for both sports and casual wear. For those seeking a bold statement, Nike Uptempo shoes feature eye-catching designs and superior cushioning. And for those who want cutting-edge technology, Nike Vapormax shoes with their innovative air bubble soles provide lightweight comfort and futuristic style. Whether you're hitting the streets or the gym, Nike has the perfect footwear for you.

Nike is on the lookout for partners who share the same values, dedication, and excellence. That's why it has collaborated with Tops and Bottoms USA since 1997, one of its premium retailers. Together, we're working towards the common goal of providing our valuable customer base with high-quality goods that are crafted with excellence and attention to detail in mind. Let’s have a look at some of the best products Nike is offering through the channel of Tops and Bottoms USA. Nike is offering some of the best collections let’s have a look at some of its premium offerings

Nike Tops

Nike Tops

Nike is offering shirts with pockets on the chest that close with a flap and a hidden snap button. And if you want the cuffs to fit snugly, you can use the second button! You can try these Nike T-shirts with the Nike Air Force 1 Series. Nike tank tops are awesome shirts without sleeves, kind of like a t-shirt but without the sleeves. They're really comfy to wear when it's hot outside because they keep you cool. You can wear them when you're playing sports or just hanging out with your buddies.

Nike jackets are like super cool coats that you can wear when it's chilly outside. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, like with zippers or buttons. Some jackets even have hoods to keep your head warm and dry when it rains, It also features shirts that have Recycled polyester a special kind of fabric that's made from things like old plastic bottles and clothes. Instead of throwing these things away, they use them to make new fabric, which helps to keep our planet clean and safe.

Nike Bottoms

Nike Bottoms

Nike Pants have that classic style that goes with everything, plus they're super soft and cozy thanks to the fleece fabric. You can wear them any day of the week for a stylish and comfy look that's perfect for all your adventures!

You can match Nike Tech Fleece pants with Nike socks which are carefully made with active, busy feet in mind. Get ready to stay cozy and stylish in the Nike Fleece sweatpants! These pants are designed to keep you warm without feeling bulky, thanks to their special double-sided spacer fabric. Plus, they feature a bold Nike Swoosh logo on the thigh for added flair. With a ruched, elasticized waistband, they offer a comfortable and secure fit. These sweatpants are the perfect choice for staying sharp and super warm!

Nike Footwear

Nike Footwears

Nike is offering '80s iconic shoes! With classic details and with added touch of retro hoop style, these Nike Running shoes bring old-school vibes to the streets. The padded, low-cut collar ensures you can take your game anywhere with comfort.

Nike Basketball shoes are made with a leather upper that ages beautifully over time, these shoes boast durable construction inspired by '80s basketball. The foam midsole provides lightweight and responsive cushioning, making every step feel like a breeze.

Nike Tech Outfits

Nike Tech

Introducing the Nike Tech Fleece Hoodies, Made from Tech Fleece, they feature a zippered sleeve pocket for convenient storage of your keys and phone, ensuring quick access whenever you need it. The 4-panel hood not only provides comfort but also gives these Nike hoodies a sleek and streamlined look. Additionally, transparent taping accents the heritage design lines and the zippered sleeve pocket, adding a touch of modern style to this classic piece.

Get ready to cozy up in style with the Nike Tech Fleece Hoodies! Featuring transparent surrounding tape that accentuates the signature chevron shape at the chest, this hoodie adds a cool touch to your outfit. Plus, it comes with an internal stash pocket to keep your phone and keys safe and secure. Stay comfy and chic all day long with the Nike club Fleece!

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