How to Clean UGG Slippers

How to Clean UGG Slippers

UGG is one of the top-tier fashion brands that is known to produce an amazing collection of slippers, boots, trendy clothes, and other accessories. Recently, these UGG slippers, endorsed by celebrities, created hype and became one of the most famous slippers throughout the world.

UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers are known for their unique strappy style, supreme comfortability, and super softness. These slippers are a must-have wardrobe staple for any fashionista. But when it comes to cleaning these UGG fur slides, it can be a tedious task.

The fur can get damaged, or the slippers may lose their original color if you don't clean them with care.

But don't worry; we've got your back. We've brought you the highly recommended method that will help you to clean your dirty UGG without any hassle.

Top Ways to Clean UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers

Whether it be cute UGG slides for women or men, the cleaning process is the same. These expensive yet luxurious slippers aren't easy to maintain. To avoid dirt stains, you must handle the UGG slides with care. But how? Let’s know below.

Method to Clean Your UGGs

Maintaining a slipper made up of soft sheepskin is necessary to make sure they get a long life span. But unlike other slippers and sandals, UGGs require extensive cleaning. You need to avoid putting them in the washing machine due to their material being prone to damage when soaked in water.

So, what to do? The key steps you need to follow are:

  • Use a soft wipe, blot, with a damp to clean
  •  Rub the slippers softly
  •  Avoid using hard bristle brushes
  • Use UGG protector for better cleaning results

UGG Stain & Water Repellant

Treat your UGG fluff yeah slippers with UGG stain and water repellant to avoid dirt stains. A proper way is to:

  • Find a ventilated area
  • Apply repellent on slippers
  • Make sure to spray from a distance of six inches
  • Don’t use a machine spinner to dry
  • Leave them for drying in a place where there is no direct heat or sunlight
  • Slightly rub the nap with the suede brush to remove any loose dirt or dust

Use Cleaner & Conditioner

There are special sheepskin cleaners and conditioners from UGG that are specifically made to bring you ease in maintaining the UGG slides and slippers. When using cleaner and conditioner, use the following method.

  • Dampen the entire surface of the Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers in a clean cold water
  • Take a wet sponge and apply a few drops of cleaner & conditioner
  • Now gently scrub the sheepskin with the sponge.

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