Since, 1988, a brand that is famous to give high quality street fashion is Jordan Craig. It started out as three small retail stores on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, NY. Over the years evolution makes the brand famous for genuine attire of Jordan Craig denim.

Jordan Craig learnt from its humble beginnings, now expanded its catalogs of label with Jordan Craig Black Label, primarily focused on high end fashions, fabric and finishing. The brand philosophy now translates into serving consumers with great care, value and outlasting fashion styles of the 21st Century

Jordan Craig is a brand that deals with shorts, denim pants, sets, the holy grail of cargos, and outerwear that must go in line with intelligent street people on the planet. A society where evergreen personalities and exciting nature appeal in the fashionable clothing attire in the US and elsewhere.


What Differentiates Jordan Craig:

Jordan Craig is different in the streetwear market as it targets individuals of playful and joyous nature, capturing their imagination and style in the fashion scene of the US.


E-shop Jordan Craig:

Top and Bottoms USA is the authentic and authorized reseller in fashion. The fashion branded house certainly fits the bill offering brands of international reputation in the US market where consumers demand reliability and trust.

Jordan Craig product range on this multi-branded store offers tops, bottoms, and outfits for consumers who look for streetwear clothing to boost and augment their fashion sense. It creates acceptability where outgoing and street smartness rules the roost.


Attractive Bottoms for Men and Kids:

  • Denim Jeans and Pants:

Jordan Craig jackets the brand offer ruggedness and style. Its product range includes Jordan Craig Men's Sean Sevilla Denim Pants, Men's Ross Atlantic Denim, Men's Sean Nightfall Denim Jeans, and many more collection for the hip hop and funky looks adored by outgoing and street-smart citizens of the US.

Jordan Craig Jeans is the fabulous streetwear for kids demanding to shop for Jordan Craig Kid's Nightfall Denim Jeans, Kids' Naples Denim Jeans, Kid's Chicago Denim, and many more collections in exciting shades and colors of triple black sunset, sunrise, etc.

  • Cargo and Denim Shorts:

The brand offers style and outclass apparel. Its product line includes Jordan Craig Men's War-Torn Shorts, Men's Summer Time Striped Denim Shorts, Men's Wildwood Twill Shorts, and many more collections in eye-catching shades and colors of light grey ice blue, woodland, etc.

Kids streetwear by Jordan Craig includes Kid' Belmar Denim Shorts, Kid's Odyssey Striped Denim Shorts, Kid's Sparta Striped Denim Shorts, etc. Some of the denim shorts' shades include bred, ice blue, and the most famous black.

  • Fabulous Tracksuit:

The brand is known to give you streetwear tracksuits, which outlast in the Summer and Fall seasons specifically. Moreover, Kids can also wear it in the Spring season. Jordan Craig Kid's Augusta Complete Tracksuit in navy-red color is a big call for young minds who love playing and enjoying themselves in social outings.


Eye-Catching Tops for Men and Kids:

  • Pullover Hoodies:

The brand offers exciting colors and styles in hoodies that last in all the streets in the US. Jordan Craig Kid's Woodstock Pull-Over Hoodie in shades and hues of niji and cotton candy. The apparel will become a norm for Us kids who apply themselves in fun-filled activities.

  • Gorgeous Denim and Shearling Jackets:

The brand emphasizes relaxed feelings and loveable. Jordan Craig Men's Atlantic Denim Jacket, Men's Tribeca Twill Trucker Jacket, etc., offer you uniqueness and outward style outstanding in the coming seasons and for any occasion to look intelligent and energetic.

Similarly, Kids like to have Jordan Craig Red Shearling Jacket, Big Kid's Avalanche Denim Trucker Jacket, Boy's El Jefe Shearling Moto Jacket, etc., in the seasons, which gives US kids the freedom and style to outclass in the society they move.

  • Puffer Jackets:

Puffer Jackets come close where a high level of endurance requires to beat the cold winter season. Jordan Craig Kid's Sugar Hill Nylon Puffer Jacket and Boys Sugar Hill Nylon Puffer Jacket in outstanding shades and design with colors range of court purple.


Online Source of Jordan Craig:

One of the dependable online sources of the brand is Tops and Bottoms USA where fashion rules the roost.