PSD X Tops and Bottoms USA

PSD X Tops and Bottoms USA

Two guys named Curt and Ryan had an idea. They wanted to make really cool and comfy underwear for guys. But they didn't have much money. All they had was one pair of fancy pants to wear on Friday nights. Curt liked business stuff, and Ryan was good at drawing. So, they decided to make their own brand of underwear called PSD. They started their brand in New York in 2007 and traveled around in an old RV to tell people about PSD.

Since 2017, Tops and Bottoms USA has been friends with PSD, and we're super happy about it!

Understanding the Quality of PSD Underwears

Material and Fabric

Wearing PSD Underwears will immediately make you feel incredibly comfortable. They feel wonderful on your skin as they are composed of Cotton, Nylon and Spandex. PSD Boxers are so comfortable that they're a need!

Comfort and Fit

PSD Underwears are different from other underwear because they provide extreme comfort because of their fitting. PSD also have Kid’s Boxer Underwear also comes with comfortable fit plus with awesome designs! They have special holes that let air in, so you don't get too hot.

Size & Colors

PSD offers a lot of different sizes and colors in the under garments to provide it’s consumers with as many features as possible. Some of the famous color they use in their products are Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Baby Pink, and so on. Similarly, they provide different sizes like Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL and XXL etc.

Benefits of Wearing PSD Underwears

Style: PSD gives you a stylish look with their premium underwears. Some of the famous stylish they provide to their customers are Men's NY My City Boxer Brief, Men's Drippin Heat Brief Boxer, Men's Meander Ice Boxer Brief etc.

 Its all about feeling comfy. Once you put them on, you won't want to take them off because they provide next level of comfort!

Support: Their Underwears are strong and lasts a long time. When you wear them, you feel confident and ready for anything!


PSD was made by Curt and Ryan because they wanted comfy underwear that looks great too. They are all about luxury, comfort, and style. Also PSD Underwears has been friends with Tops & Bottoms USA since 2017, and we love their stuff! The PSD Pants focuses on comfort to make sure you have the best time wearing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are PSD Underwears made of?

PSD Underwears are made from a blend of Cotton, Nylon, and Spandex, which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

2. Do PSD Underwears come in different sizes and colors?

Yes, PSD Underwears are available in various sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, and XXL. They also come in a wide range of colors like Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Baby Pink to suit different preferences.

3. Are PSD Underwears durable?

Absolutely! PSD Underwears are made to last. They are crafted from strong materials that ensure they hold up well over time. You can trust PSD Underwears to provide the support and comfort you need, day after day.

4. Where can I purchase PSD Underwears?

You can purchase PSD Underwears from Tops and Bottoms USA by simply visiting our website or physical stores to explore the range of PSD Underwears available.

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